Your First Look at Stranger Things Season 2

Decoding the teaser

If you were watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday, then you definitely saw the amazing primetime Stranger Things Season 2 teaser (Netflix, a Super Bowl spot? You’re clearly LOADED).

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From the teaser, one thing is certainly clear: season 2 will be debuting on Netflix on Halloween 2017. But what else was clear? Not that much. Well, if you haven’t decoded it like us that is. First, let’s take a look at the teaser, if for some reason you haven’t seen it yet:


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How great is that vintage Eggo ad hook? Genius. But let’s dive deeper. What is season 2 actually about? Here are the small details you might have missed, that give us some big clues as to what season 2 may hold.

1. Will Byers will be undergoing neurological testing.

Yes, this did take me 20 minutes to get this screenshot. It flashes by so quickly. Take a look:


2. Will may be sketching out his visions, giving us a preview of what the monster might look like:



3. Does the first episode, which premieres on Halloween, actually take place on Halloween within the Stranger Things world?

Looks like it. GREAT costume choice guys.


Gah!! We’re so excited. We’re already planning our watch party. Yes, Stranger Things themed desserts will be served. Now, all we’ll have to do is wait another nine months!

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