YouTube Sensation Mikey Murphy Hits 1 Million Subscribers On His Channel

Such an incredible milestone

Without a doubt, Mikey Murphy is definitely one of the greatest YouTubers on this planet. He brings out so many phenomenal videos that we all love watching and whenever we get a notification that Mikey Murphy shared a new video on his channel, we all always get so excited to see what this fantastic YouTube sensation is up to. Mikey Murphy shares videos on his channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and we all can see how much dedication and passion he puts in to bringing out wonderful videos that his fans can enjoy and relate to.

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Just this week, the outstanding Mikey Murphy reached a special milestone in his YouTube career by hitting 1 million subscribers on his channel! It’s such an extraordinary achievement and Mikey definitely deserves it with all of the hard work that he puts into his videos.

Mikey Murphy’s awesome fan base continues to grow as each second goes by and we are totally loving how much variety we can see on his channel. When we’re in the mood for a good laugh, Mikey Murphy has tons of videos that will do the trick. Mikey is also the king of challenges and brings out so many fun challenge videos including his “Messy Mystery Drink Challenge” video and trying out the 100 layers challenge with our girl Meg DeAngelis in his “100 Layers of Purple Slime” video.

Got a hair cut. Thanks @leerittiner

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One of the many things we love about Mikey Murphy is that he’s always trying new things and by doing so, he’s allowing fans to get to know more about him in so many exciting and interesting ways. Mikey Murphy has even given fans the opportunity to enter his life a little more through all of his magnificent vlogs and his amazing “Telling Your…” series.

We can always count on Mikey Murphy to brighten up our day whenever we watch his videos. He brings so much positivity to the online-video making community and we admit that we constantly have Mikey Murphy marathons of all of his videos.


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Congratulations to Mikey Murphy on reaching 1 million subscribers on his channel! We’re super excited for all of the other extraordinary videos and vlogs that he will share with his fans and we know that many more awe-inspiring successes are in store for this remarkable guy.

Be sure to subscribe to Mikey Murphy’s channel to be up-to-date whenever he posts a new video, and check out his latest project with Luke Korns – a compilation album titled “From The Stories We Tell” – which you can get here.

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