Zayn Malik Says He “Can’t Escape Attention”

The struggle is real

When you’re in the biggest boy band in the world and then you’re the first of those boys to go solo, you’re bound to be well-known. Zayn Malik is both those things and he knows the struggles that that level of fame bring.

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“It’s a really weird world. I don’t think there’s anywhere I could be anonymous now,” Zayn said according to Eyewitness News.


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The place Zayn feels most anonymous is in New York City, when he’s visiting his girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid.

“In New York, you can sometimes get out in the early hours of the morning for a walk,” he said. “But there’s no underground parking here, no escape routes. So they’re going to get pictures, they’re going to find you. In LA, it’s more catered to these things — you’ve got back entrances and that.”

Luckily for Zayn, Gigi deals with fame herself, so she GETS it.


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“She gets it, she’s very understanding,” he explained. “But I can understand how it can look, that you’ve got these two people in a ‘power couple’. That’s not something I want to be a part of. I’m with her because I like her and I hope she’s with me because she likes me.”

Behind closed doors though, Zayn and Gigi don’t act like famous people at all. They act just like the rest of us, which is probably why we relate to them so much even though they’re, you know, one of the world’s biggest pop stars and a supermodel.


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“We just spend time together as a normal couple, cook food, watch TV, have a laugh,” he said.
“I’ve got into a thing of cooking pies recently. I cook a mean chicken and sweetcorn pie, with Alfredo sauce. I make my own pastry, roll it out and everything.”

Love these two.

Featured Image Source: The Daily Beast

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