Zendaya and Tom Holland Bring Spiderman To Life

This is the cutest thing we've ever seen

It’s every kids dream to see a real life superhero, and that is exactly what happened when Spider-Man took a visit to a New York Hospital! Of course, it wasn’t the real Spider-Man, but it may be the second best thing whenever Tom Holland comes dressed up like him!

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Tom Holland and Zendaya from the new movie, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, surprised some little kids in their hospital beds last week, and it was the cutest thing we may have ever seen.

Holland asked one young boy if he liked Batman better than Spider-Man and he was brutally honest and said yes!

Luckily Zendaya was there to capture it all on video, and shared it with us on her instagram right after the superhero encounter!

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The hospital even shared some pictures from the Spider-Man sighting on their instagram as well, and it may be the cutest thing ever!


“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is set to release summer of next year. Tom Holland and Zendaya are so great at portraying their characters outside the movie, so we can only imagine how great the film is going to be! It is a good thing that Spider-Man (or Tom Holland) is using his superhero powers to do good deeds in the world!

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