It’s about time female superheroes get the spotlight they deserve. Not only is the CW working on a Batwoman TV series, but Shuri—the little sis in Black Panther—just landed her very own comic strip (and, fingers crossed, movie?). Keep the girl power vibes going with more news here.

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😯 Safe to say that pretty much everyone thought Trump’s meeting with Putin on Monday was a disaster...except for the president himself. But after pressure from members of his own party, he backtracked on his original statement, admitting he misspoke. Trump said, “I have full faith in our intelligence agencies,” and he “accepts” their findings that Russia meddled in the election. Uhh, OK. While you debate if he’s being truthful or agree with some critics that he committed treason, this Obama speech has never seemed more relevant.

💻 As sweet as Thin Mints might be, cookies have *nothing* on Girl Scouts’ latest news. The org—which has tackled sexism and climate change in the past—just unveiled 30 new badges to address “some of society’s most pressing needs.” Girls can now learn skills in topics like cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, space, and computer science. They’re not the only ones hyping STEM. Mattel just released a robotics engineer Barbie (the latest of her 200-plus careers). She wears sneakers instead of heels—and comes with a guide that teaches young girls how to code.

💰 An increasing number of women are making more money than their male partners. You’d think this would be a good thing; turns out, both husbands and wives feel uncomfortable when the woman has the bigger paycheck (so much so that they often lie about it!). According to new intel from the Census Bureau, in opposite-sex relationships where woman earned more, wives said they earned less than they actually did, while the men said they earned more. The researchers chalked this up to social norms, describing the behavior as “manning up and womaning down.” Ugh.

💊  We know it’s reeeally hard to believe that social media—which bombards our brains with constant stimulation—could be tied to ADHD, but an important (albeit not shocking) new study suggests the two are definitely related. After years of studying teens in LA, researchers found that students who spent the most time on digital media had more ADHD symptoms. Scientists emphasize that this doesn’t mean spending too much time on your iPhone will *cause* any mental disorders, but the link is strong. Coincidence...?