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Radio Disney Music Awards

Celebs tell us what their favorite Disney movies are and some belt out their favorite songs!

What to Wear On A First Date

The Merrell Twins go head-to-head to see who can create the best first date outfit. They have 90 seconds to pick out their outfit including shoes and accessories.

Ricky and Lohanthony’s Guide to Dating: Puppy Love

The guys try to see if having cute puppies works in your favor at the park.

Kylie Jenner Injured by Met Gala Dress?!

Celebs stepped out in the most bizarre fashion for the Met gala including one outfit that drew blood, all in the name of fashion!

4 iPhone Makeup Apps for the Perfect Selfie

These apps will let you apply, tweak, and enhance your makeup virtually. Perfect selfie, here you come!

Best Friends For(n)ever

You call her your best friend forever, but lately she's been annoying you and now you're not sure.

Pastel Hair, Don’t Care

It’s gorgeous, it’s wild and it’s a much-needed game changer. Check out these ways on how to get pastel hair without bleaching those beautiful locks.

17 Amazing Updos That Are Absolutely Killin’ It This Prom

Looking for the ultimate prom hair inspo? Check out these dreamy, trendy and edgy looks to compliment the big night!

MayBaby Becomes a Cheerleader

MayBaby becomes a Cali SMOED cheerleader and goes through an intense practice session including jumps, flips and mounts!

Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

Yay or nay? She says "Yay!" Lauren Elizabeth tells us ten things to know about...

Easy DIY Fashion Tutorial: Bell Bottoms

Instead of shopping for some new pants, head to the thrift shop and follow this easy DIY fashion tutorial to make your own pair of fitted bell bottoms.

Cimorelli Performs Acoustic Set in LA

Cimorelli perform "Hearts on Fire", "Fall Back", "Fight Song", "You're Worth It" and "Renegade."

How To Get Your Parents To Let You Go To a Music Festival

We give you 6 foolproof ways to convince them that everything will be fine.

5 Teens to Watch at this Summer’s Olympic Games

At this summer’s 2016 Olympic Games , these 5 teens dream of bringing home the gold, Olympic gold.