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The Thirst Project

Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns join The Thirst Project in an effort to make a massive impact in the global water crisis.


Kendall Jenner may live the lifestyle of a glamorous bazillionaire model but it...

What it Means to Have Girl Power

1. You are confident. 2. You believe in yourself. 3. You are comfortable in...

City Year Spring Break

We had a blast at City Year Spring Break last Saturday! We hung out with Lauren Elizabeth, The Merrell Twins, and more!

Dance Party at Playlist Live

If you weren't at the AwesomenessTV Dance Party at Playlist Live, you missed out!

Royal Crush Reunion: A Ship Load of Details

The cast of the Royal Crush talks about last season and details of what's coming up next !

Jacob Whitesides Surprises Fans at a Salon

Jacob Whitesides teams up with his fans' moms and even gets his hair did.