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The guys try to see if having cute puppies works in your favor at the park.

Kylie Jenner Injured by Met Gala Dress?!

Celebs stepped out in the most bizarre fashion for the Met gala including one outfit that drew blood, all in the name of fashion!

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Best Friends For(n)ever

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Pastel Hair, Don’t Care

It’s gorgeous, it’s wild and it’s a much-needed game changer. Check out these ways on how to get pastel hair without bleaching those beautiful locks.

MayBaby Becomes a Cheerleader

MayBaby becomes a Cali SMOED cheerleader and goes through an intense practice session including jumps, flips and mounts!

Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

Yay or nay? She says "Yay!" Lauren Elizabeth tells us ten things to know about...

Easy DIY Fashion Tutorial: Bell Bottoms

Instead of shopping for some new pants, head to the thrift shop and follow this easy DIY fashion tutorial to make your own pair of fitted bell bottoms.

5 homemade cool treats for the hottest days of summer

You'll feel refreshed and hungry just looking at this.