In season two, the summer is ending and the new school year is just around the corner. Hansen (Argus) and Emma (Sulewski) are faced with the merging of their social circles and the ever awkward relationship status discussions. Will their romance survive or are some relationships just meant to be a summer fling?

Season 2 Cast

Steffan Argus

Steffan Argus is an enterprising young musician and entertainer from Chicago. He's also been modeling with FORD, auditioning and booking television pilots for Disney, Network Television and Film, and attending Berklee College of Music, all while writing and producing his original music.

Claudia Sulewski

Claudia takes beauty to infinity and beyond. The multitalented blogger and YouTuber teaches viewers how to do makeup, tips for looking great on a budget, recipes, DIY crafts, and even nail art tutorials. Claudia has been featured in Teen Vogue.

Brennen Taylor

Brennen Taylor is an entertainer who has garnered a massive following online, with more than 1.5 million Vine followers and over 250,000 YouTube subscribers. Brennen regularly self-produces videos online about dating, friendships, and other relatable issues for his audience.

Griffin Arnlund

Griffin Arnlund is an 19-year-old actress, model, and YouTube creator based in Los Angeles. A true multi-hyphenate, Griffin first formed a reputable brand in the digital world through the creation of her YouTube channel at the young age of 15.

Jordan Doww

Jordan Doww was born in Newport News, Virginia and has been acting since the age of 10. He's a Viner, YouTuber, and digital media star who debuted his comedy show HollyWEIRD in Hollywood, California in February 2016.

Erika Vianey

Erika Vianey is an internet content creator who started her YouTube channel because of the happiness she got from being in front of the camera. Erika loves to create lifestyle, beauty, music recommending, comedy and adventure videos.

Jay Versace

Jay started out as a Vine phenomenon known for his character driven comedic content. Often referenced as a young Eddie Murphy, Jay now has over 2.9 million followers on Vine and has expanded his content to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,, and Instagram.