Chance the Rapper just surprised us with four excellent new songs, but he’s got nothing on Rihanna. She's apparently sitting on more than 500 tracks (!) and is hard at work on two albums. Dance into the weekend, Riri style—but first, see what *else* you should know.

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♀ “To all the survivors out there, don't let anyone rewrite your story. Your truth does matter.” Take it from Aly Raisman, who joined 140 other sexual abuse survivors at the ESPY Awards. The Olympic gymnast spoke out against disgraced doctor Larry Nassar and recounted how adults dismissed claims of his abuse for decades. At least #MeToo is trying to make up for lost time; the movement’s founder Tarana Burke has joined the advisory board for Match (the company behind Tinder and more). The work's not over yet, but this—plus Time’s Up latest news—gives us hope.

✌There’s a reason why more than half of Americans are burned out, and it’s totally obvious: we’re all working wayyy too much. Perhaps employers should take a cue from New Zealand, where one company conducted a ~radical~ experiment. They let employees work four-day weeks, while still paying them for five. Workers reported being more productive and all-around happier (#goals). A less inspiring way to reduce work is the now-viral notion of employees “donating” vacation day to new moms who are lacking in parental leave. No, thank you.

🌟Yesterday we told you why voting in the midterm election is so important—and now Michelle Obama is backing us up with an awesome new initiative to register new voters. She’s enlisting pals like Janelle Monáe and Lin-Manuel Miranda (casual) to star in PSAs and host live events. Called "When We All Vote," the effort is totally nonpartisan—which some Dems apparently aren’t thrilled about—and its main goal is to motivate people to hit the polls. So get a pep talk c/o of the Hamilton star, then register here.

😬 96% of women feel guilty at least once a day. As depressing as that is, there’s an unexpected upside to being consumed by guilt (or, in other words, there’s an upside to being a woman). A new study found that a person's tendency to anticipate feeling guilty is the #1 predictor of trustworthiness, more so than any other personality trait. So if you get hit with a bout of shame, take comfort in the fact that you’re a stand-up person. But also? Stop feeling guilty about everything.