Big news: Jenny Han’s bestselling YA book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is coming to Netflix this summer. You’ll have to wait until August for the premiere, so watch the trailer now and get ready to fall in love. Then, keep scrolling.

MEET TODAY'S CLOVER, @malathcherie: Malath's a recent high school grad from California who's taking her artistic talents all the way to nyc for college.

🌎 While Trump continues to infuriate people over his ever-changing stance on immigration, and several thousand migrant kids are still separated from their parents, America Ferrera—aka America’s *real* sweetheart—is bringing some much-needed optimism to an otherwise bleak week. The actress-turned-activist just announced an essay collection on diversity and culture featuring rad people like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Issa Rae. How very timely! The book’s perfect title? America Like Me. As if you need more incentive to preorder, a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause.

🦍 Koko, the female gorilla who mastered sign language, showed empathy, and redefined humans’ relationship to animals, died this week at the age of 46. People all over the world loved Koko not only for her talents (she even took selfies!), but also because she showed how humans and apes could communicate. And it’s not just gorillas; as a new study found, dogs understand humans, too. Researchers determined that pups can pick up on emotional cues in people’s voices, faces, and more. Man’s best friend, indeed.

🌈 Pride marches are happening in cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston this weekend, capping off a month devoted to celebrating and raising awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. Pride isn’t just an excuse to wear rainbow clothing; it’s complex, and it's recently become commercialized. Brands ranging from Nike to Burger King to Disney have debuted Pride-themed products; as Wired points out, this “rainbow-washing” can distract from what Pride is all about. While the U.S. gov *still* has yet to acknowledge Pride Month, here’s how to be an ally 365 days a year.

👧 If I had a dollar for every time my mom told me to “stand up straight,” I could buy an iPad—but that might be why my posture’s so bad in the first place. New research on “iPad neck” (a real thing!) indicates an uptick in neck and shoulder pain caused by tablets—70% of women reported experiencing device-induced symptoms (compared, infuriatingly, to just 30% of dudes). The good news? Experts say you don’t need to get rid of your iPad, but you do need to fix your posture. Mom was right all along.