Kick off your Friday the *best* way: with a double dose of Noah Centineo. The internet’s favorite bf teamed up with artist Sarah Bahbah on a new photo series—and it’s a total thirst trap. before you dive in, get the news (while listening to this genius mashup of him saying “Whoa”). You’re welcome.

MEET TODAY'S CLOVER, @bellamiie: She a rising singer who leads a super charmed life in London.

🤖 Is there anything Amazon *can’t* make a reality? Short answer: Nope. Yesterday, the company unveiled an AI-enabled microwave (“Alexa, make my popcorn”), a high-tech in-car device (“Alexa, play Drake”), and a dozen other new smart gadgets. It also announced plans to open 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021 (making it as omnipresent as, say, 7-Eleven). Meanwhile, six checkout-free locations will open by the end of this year, with another 50 coming in 2019. The future—it’s now.

💑 Facebook Dating, which has been a long time coming, just officially made its big debut. (Did Zuckerberg purposely time it to cuffing season? You decide!) Considering no one has algorithms down quite like Facebook, this could truly revolutionize dating if the company gets everything else right. So far, so good. Essentially Hinge meets Tinder, the service is only open to users in Colombia right now. Tbd on when it’ll be available to everyone else, but until then, at least we have Instagram...

📖 We’ve been hearing a lot about gender inequality lately, but here’s a new one. When it comes to reading and writing, American girls are way better than boys—and the differences start early. A new study found that girls start outperforming their male classmates around fourth grade, and this gap gets even more pronounced as they get older. While there’s no obvious solution, researchers say separating the genders isn’t the answer. Hey, maybe Sweden’s onto something?

⚡ Now that Wonder Woman has proven that female superheroes can be powerful (duh) and profitable (also duh), a whole new roster of badasses are coming to a screen near you. In addition to the history-making, Brie Larson-fronted Captain Marvel movie, there’s *also* the all-female TV series from Marvel Comics, which reportedly features several queer superheroes. Then! There’s the just-announced show, Stargirl, based on the high school comic book character. Overdue, but we'll take it.