It was a joyful Pride weekend in NYC and beyond, with Emma Gonzalez, the 13 Reasons Why cast, and Tiffany Trump celebrating the occasion (which her dad has *yet* to recognize). Keep the good vibes going strong this week, and keep scrolling for more news.

MEET TODAY'S CLOVER, @juliette.martinez: This talented dancer and UCLA sophomore shows off her impressive moves (and equally rad outfits) on Insta.

🤦 The internet is *still* reeling from Melania Trump’s tone-deaf Zara jacket emblazoned with “I really don't care. Do u?,” which she wore to last week’s border visit. The White House spokesperson insisted there was no hidden message; Donald Trump tweeted that “it refers to the Fake News Media,” and, as usual, FLOTUS stayed silent. Meanwhile, brands are responding with merch of their own. Wildfang debuted an “I Really Care” jacket, with 100% of proceeds going to RAICES, and an anti-Trump makeup brand is donating all profits to charity. For an A+ read on the power of clothes in this political climate, click here.

⚽ Although 44% of women believe that soccer is sexist (which, fair), this year’s World Cup is more popular than ever among female fans. Especially young ones! New research shows an uptick in girls who aspire to be soccer stars. Over in Russia, where the 2018 championship is taking place, women say the environment is more positive and inclusive than domestic games. And the fact that Iranian women can finally watch the game IRL in stadiums symbolizes a win for feminists everywhere—no matter who ends up bringing home the trophy.

🍕 Ever the matchmaker, Tinder is rolling out a new feature intended to help you find soulmates with similar interests and lifestyles. Sure beats aimlessly swiping. The algorithm uses intel from profile bios to figure out what people are into—like, say, pizza or puppies—and go from there. It’s a cool idea, but would be way more effective if everyone didn’t exclusively present their coolest, most interesting selves on dating sites, a “trend” the New York Post just bafflingly coined “gatsbying.” Would rather stay single, tbh.

💌  What do you do when you feel bad about your body? Work out? Eat vegetables? Eat chocolate? New research suggests that body dissatisfaction can be fixed by writing about it. College women who spent just 15 minutes writing letters of compassion (either to your body, or if that’s too weird for you, to yourself) saw an increase in body satisfaction. The study was so successful, and the letters were so inspiring, that the researchers are now hoping to start a website to publish them for others to read.