Happy fall! The autumn equinox happened Saturday, so wave bye to summer and say hi to shorter days and cooler temps. But before you pull out your sweaters—and put pumpkin spice on everything—get the news.

MEET TODAY'S CLOVER, @alexandra_waterbury: She's a super talented Nyc dancer *and* a major advocate for #metoo and women's rights.

🌿 The fastest way to make something less cool? Having a bunch of old people get onboard (see: Facebook, Snapchat). And now, a brand new study has found that baby boomers—people aged 55 to 64, btw—are more likely to smoke pot than teens. They’re not the only ones. Middle-aged Americans are *also* more into marijuana than their kids are. In other words, maybe it’s time for the exclamatory headlines to, well, chill out.

🎀 The happiness levels of young women has dropped drastically in the last decade. In fact, only a quarter of girls between ages 7 and 21 consider themselves "very happy"; pretty bleak compared to the 41% who identified as such in 2009. It’s impossible to know why the number has changed so much, but we have a guess: Social media, puberty—and literally everything about the backlash to Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations. (P.S. Don’t miss this powerful essay by three teen girls on the Brett Kavanaugh case.)

🎥 Rafiki, an internationally acclaimed independent film that also happens to be a love story between two women, was banned in Kenya for “promoting lesbianism.” This is bad for many reasons; not only could no one see it, but the move also rendered it ineligible from film festivals. Now, a Kenyan judge has ordered a temporary lift on the ban so that Wanuri Kahiu, the female director behind the movie, can submit it for Oscar consideration. Celebrate by seeing it.

👗 Fashion Week is happening right now—but does it even matter? You’re probably shopping on Instagram...without even realizing it. For brands, IG's super smart creepy algorithms make targeting customers easy—which helps explain why everyone you know suddenly has *that* dress, or *this* skirt. And it’s only the beginning; Instagram’s new dedicated “Shopping” section under the Explore tab now lets you instantly discover and buy stuff. If all this makes you nostalgic for good old-fashioned thrifting, you can do that on the app, too (for better or for worse).