Instagram has finally added a button that allows users to “mute” stories and posts from oversharing friends—because everyone has one—without any awkwardness. While we wait for the update to roll out, see more news worth hearting below.


🌎 Scientists, startups, and even car manufacturers are urging politicians to take action against climate change—but it seems like high schoolers are *best* at getting stuff done. Look no further than these teens from Utah, whose school environmental club just convinced their Republican governor Gary Herbert to pass a resolution acknowledging climate change. Their secret? Finding common ground that both conservatives and liberals can agree on (#veryrare). If these kids can do it, you can, too. Begin here.

🌈 We already know that women and people of color are MIA from most blockbusters, but according to a new GLAAD report, LGBTQ+ characters are also seriously lacking screen time. In fact, only 14 of the 109 films had a single LGBTQ+ character in 2017 (even worse than the year before!). GLAAD’s goal is for 50% of releases to have an LGBTQ+ character by 2024. Ambitious? Yes, but 2018 films like Love, Simon, and queer superhero Lena Waithe’s new MTV award give us hope.

👔 LGBTQ+ representation isn’t just lacking on screen. When an Alabama principal heard that one of his students—a female—planned to bring a girl as her date *and* wear a tuxedo, he objected. (According to the student, he was especially angered by her bowtie.) So she reached out to the Southern Poverty Law Center, who informed her that both the First Amendment and Title IX legally gave her the right to take a woman...while wearing a suit. So she did, bowtie and all. Reminder: Know your rights!

🛑 Teen activists have been nationally celebrated, but for students from small, conservative communities where hunting is just what you do, protesting for gun control can be awfully lonely. Take the recent tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas, where officials blamed everything except guns. It doesn’t help that 60% of rural households own a gun, double the rate of city households (or that 4.6 million kids live in homes with guns that are loaded and unlocked). If you, like these teens, feel alone in your efforts, here’s a good start.